Our Curriculum:

Our Curriculum at Heritage or Glory is carefully structured, thereby making provision for different starting points from which children develop their learning. It also gives room for relevant appropriate contents that match the different levels of young children needs.

The curriculum is well planned and purposeful, providing opportunities for teaching and learning both indoor and outdoor.

We want our pupils to get experience genuine strong Christian community and curriculum which is both academic and imaginative, as well as practical.

We want our teaching to be rigorous but exciting, alive and alert to what interests those we teach.

We want their learning to be disciplined and we'll supported, but also rewarding and - above all - enjoyable. It matters to is that they become people of good character who can think hard, communicate well and understand for themselves different areas of human experience.

We want to see them progress individually, but also grow spiritually and contribute socially to the school now and the society later.




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