Extra – Curricular Clubs:

We run a variety of extra-curricular clubs during lunchtime and after school for children in years 1-6. The choice of the club changes termly and pupils have the opportunity to sign up to a new club at the start of each term.  We aim to provide a range of clubs that will appeal to different children so that every child can find a club that interests them. Examples of the clubs include: Gymnastics, Football clubs for all ages, basketball for all ages, Lego and ICT club, quiz, literacy, debate club, monopoly, draft, traditional ayo, choir and book club.

In order to provide the children  with opportunities to compete and make friends, the school will be organising inter-school competitions, in cooperation with other schools in the area

We will also seek to work with external organizations in order to provide a wider variety of extra-curricular activities.

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